I work across a range of media and forms of practice from making objects, to organizing public events, to facilitating projects and collaborations. I am based at APEC studios in Hove on the South Coast of England and, as Work For A Living, I also work with organizations who employ artists.

I would like my work to generate a discussion around it. The ground on which I operate shifts daily due to the demands of earning a living. This, along with variations in external funding strategies determines the nature of my working conditions, resulting in a practice which is eclectic and elastic.

I have a background in languages and German Romanticism, which feeds into my work through the way I investigate the conventions which we inhabit, such as language and how experience can be translated into a form. I often find myself addressing different social concerns, perhaps because my practice tends to inhabit mainly the social or the personal or those points and moments where they coincide.

When working with others, I aim to explore new ways of co-existing. By questioning assumptions directly or by trying to do something different within the already prescribed ways in which we organize ourselves as humans, new spaces can possibly be opened up.

“Ich will wirken in dieser Zeit”
From a letter by Käthe Kollwitz, which translates as any and all of the following: “I will work now”, “I want to work now”, “I will be effective in what I do now”, “I want to be effective in what I do now”, “I want to make a difference in what I do now”, “I need to work now”, “I need to do work that has an effect on the times we live in” and so on . . .