In 2013 I was successful in securing a Re:view bursary from a-n towards mentoring for my art practice. As I put it in my application: “I have spent quite a few years in a mentoring role to other artists whether through the arc scheme or in my teaching and now is the time to bring my own work on. Before my years of employment as an artist took off I enjoyed a fairly successful career as an exhibiting artist working mainly in publicly funded commissions or artist-led exhibitions and projects. I now really need to take stock of everything I have done so far via a thorough re:view of my existing work and to think strategically about where to go next. This requires a careful and thoughtful look at all my previous work in order to understand properly its themes, motivations and ambitions.”

I envisaged the process extending over two years to allow time for reflection and so as not to hurry the stock-take. I am documenting this process with a  blog called ‘Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre’ on the a-n ‘Artists Talking’ pages. The latest stage of mentoring involves me working closely with a hypnotherapist, an endeavour which a-n have shown imagination enough to support me in and for which I am very grateful.